Seclore FileSecure is released.

Seclore FileSecure is released...!!!

It include pure .NET APIs and FileSecure IRM Protector for SharePoint implemented in .NET.

More details...



FileSecure IRM Protector for SharePoint:

1. Support for SharePoint 2013. (#3286, #2497)

2. Installer for easier deployment of IRM Protector. (#3288)

3. Implemented using .NET to increase stability. (#3289)

4. Support for multiple SharePoint on same URL. (#3287)


FileSecure Helper Library (earlier known as FileSecure Web Service Client Library):

1. Pure .NET interface for easy integration with .NET applications. (#2632):

- Following APIs are provided:

- IsProtectedFile()

- IsProtectedFile()

- IsSupportedFile()

- ProtectX()

- UnprotectX()

- SendRequest()

- Initialize()

- Terminate()

- This APIs require .NET framework 2.0 of higher.




1. Installation Guide for FileSecure SharePoint IRM Protector also contains migration steps to migrate from older version.

2. Documentation similar to C/Win32 and Java APIs is provided for .NET APIs also.

Component Details:


1. FileSecure IRM Protector for SharePoint:

2. FileSecure Helper Library:

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