FileSecure PDF Viewer is released...!!!

FileSecure PDF Viewer has been released. This component allows Users to view FileSecure protected files within Internet Explorer assuming they are served with a special mime-type (application/pdf-fs) from the web based system.


FileSecure PDF Viewer:



1. Viewing Protected Files - Allows the user to view files. Editing feature is not available.

2. Allows the user to print files, if access rights are present.

3. Allows the user to zoom, navigate, search and perform other file-related operations on the file.

4. It does not require any additional license on the Policy Server.


Known Issues / Limitations:

1. To extract data out of the document, FileSecure Full Control access right is required.

2. If IE protected mode is on then it shows user warning while hosting the PDF Viewer application. User can ignore this warning and can further select the check box to suppress it for future.

3. When FileSecure PDF Viewer gets hosted in IE under protected mode then only edit menu option is available however application works perfectly.



1. Minimum version of Desktop Client required is version  Minimum version of supported IE is 6.0.

2. Web Application which serves protected PDF files must be modified to serve PDF file with content type (MIME type) as ‘application/pdf-fs’.

3. It does not have installer to install itself. Only automatic upgrade patch is provided. It requires customer specific customization patch to install using automatic upgrade patch. This means whenever we want to deploy FileSecure PDF Viewer we have to create extra patch for that customer.


Component Details

1. FileSecure PDF Viewer:

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