Seclore FileSecure is released..​.!!!

Seclore FileSecure is released...!!! 

Seclore FileSecure has been released. Main highlights of this release are improvement in rendering quality and performance of WebConnect and support for non-English file path for text file in SciTE.


Enhancement in behaviour of Excel Interlinking released in FileSecure Desktop Client has been reverted to earlier behaviour in FileSecure Desktop Client (FileSecure due to improper handling of missing links.


We highly recommend to upgrade the Desktop Clients patches to


More details…


Desktop Client:


Bug Fixes:


1. Issue: User cannot open text file in SciTE with file path containing non-English character like Chinese. (#3494)


Resolution: FileSecure Desktop Client has incorporated latest SciTE which supports Unicode characters in file path.


2. Issue: File content is lost during Save in Open Office if User switches to another document immediately after saving. This is also possible when User is saving file as another file. (#3496)


Resolution: FileSecure Desktop Client has been changed to take care of this. Limitation of this is that User is not allowed to Save/Save As another document till earlier Save/Save As operation is in progress.


3. Other fixes: #3493, #3498


Policy Server:


Bug Fixes:


1. Issue: Microsoft Office documents with various objects like chart, organizational chart are not rendered properly in WebConnect. In addition to this viewing documents in WebConnect has performance issues. (#3491)


Resolution: WebConnect is updated to take care of this issue.


2. Issue: The deployment of WebConnect is restricted to 32-bit Tomcat. (#3491)


Resolution: WebConnect is updated to take care of this issue. Now WebConnect can be deployed on 32 bit as well as 64 bit Tomcat. It is recommended to deploy WebConnect on 64 bit Tomcat on high end hardware, for better performance.


3. Issue: Viewing of CSV document in WebConnect is not supported. (#3491)


Resolution: WebConnect and Policy Server are updated to allow user to upload CSV documents in WebConnect. Only comma (,) separated CSV documents are supported.


4. Others Issues: #3515





1. It is mandatory to upgrade Policy Server and WebConnect both for desired behaviour.


Component Details: 


1. Desktop Client:

2. Policy Server:

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