Seclore FileSecure is released...!!!



Seclore FileSecure has been released. Main highlights of this release is Spanish language support and TLS protocol support in Desktop Client.


More details…


Desktop Client:



1. Spanish language support in FileSecure Desktop Client. (#3589)

2. Support for Event Framework for 64-bit processes. This means Auto Classification component which prompts user to classify file when closed can be used for 64-bit applications also. (#3557)


Bug Fixes:

1. Issue: MS Office hangs if FileSecure protected MS Office files containing lots of images is opened. (#3554, #3555)

Resolution: FileSecure Desktop Client has been changed to take care of this issue.

2. Issue: Desktop Client communicates with Policy Server over SSLv2 and SSLv3 only. It does not communicate over TLS protocols. (#3588)

Resolution: FileSecure Desktop Client has been changed to communicate over SSLv3, TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 by default. Registry configuration is provided to configure which protocols should Desktop Client use to communicate. SSLv2 is completely disabled.

3. Other fixes: #3556, #3586, #3590, #3591, #3592, #3597


Component Details: 

1. Desktop Client:



FileSecure Lite (iOS): Approval from Apple of FileSecure Lite (iOS) is pending so as soon as it gets approved, we will inform you.

FileSecure Lite (iOS) release was part of Seclore FileSecure however it was not approved by Apple. It is now approved and latest version is available on App Store. This version of FileSecure Lite (iOS) is compatible with iOS 8.1. Also, it takes care of optional watermark if watermark is made optional at Policy Server.

Please refer following link to know more:

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