Seclore FileSecure is released...!!!




Seclore FileSecure release includes Desktop Client and FileSecure Lite for Windows


Desktop Client includes much awaited more usable version of Excel interlinking feature. FileSecure Lite for Windows includes support for German language and enhancements required to open file of size up to 900 MB.


More details…


Desktop Client

1. *New Feature* Linking protected Excel files is now much easier than before

a. Very often Excel files have formulas that are picking up data from another linked (referenced) Excel file.

b. Prior to this release, if the linked file was protected, the user had to open it before the data would be available to the formula in the main file.

c. With this change, the linked Excel file need not be explicitly opened by the user.

d. FileSecure will open the linked file automatically in the background, without the user having to do anything further.

e. This greatly simplifies the user experience, since it was always difficult for users to open all the linked files along with the main file.

f. If the user does not have permissions on the linked file, the related formulas will be converted to values and the main file will become read-only. This ensures that the formulas are preserved in the original file even when the Excel link is broken.

g. If the linked file is missing i.e. not available in the path specified, the related formulas will be converted to values in the main file and it will remain editable.

h. This feature is available in MS Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.

i. All standard Excel formats are supported including XLS, XLSX, XLSM and XLSB.

2. The linking of Excel files will follows the same rules as the Copy Data permission i.e.

a. A user should have the same or lesser rights on the main file to be allowed to Copy Data from the linked file.

b. A user may Copy Data from a protected file to an unprotected file only if he/she has Full Control permissions on the protected file.

c. Both files should be protected by the same Policy Server, etc

3. Fixed an issue where AppConnect was not able to process a file in a custom Java application.

Please refer attached “Release Notes – Desktop Client” for more details.


FileSecure Lite (Windows)

1. *New Feature* Support for German language.(#3709)

2. Fixed an issue where user cannot open file larger than 300 MB. Now user can open file of size up to 900 MB.

3. Fixed an issue where User cannot open protected file even in read-only mode if the file is already open by another user in FileSecure Lite (Windows). This happens normally with file stored on network folder.

4. Fixed an issue where FileSecure Lite (Windows) doesn't show warning to save the file if annotation edit box is repositioned and application is closed without saving file.

5. Fixed an issue where current Sticky Note icon is not marked or selected when user tries to change icon of existing 'Sticky Note'.

6. Fixed other minor issues.

Please refer attached “Release Notes – FileSecure Lite for Windows” for more details.

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