Seclore FileSecure is released…!!!

Seclore FileSecure is released…!!!

Policy Server

1) [NEW FEATURE] A completely new user onboarding module that simplifies the onboarding process

a) Completely new user interface that is both friendly and functional for the first-time user

b) Simplified and intuitive process flow that is now reduced to just 2 steps – set password and agent installation (self-service)

c) All screens are built to be desktop and mobile friendly

d) Auto-detecting the user’s platform to provide instructions and installers that are platform specific

e) Wide variety of platform support including Windows and Mac computers, Apple and Android mobile devices

f) User onboarding is now a self-service process that will accelerate the initial adoption of the system

FileSecure Lite for Windows

1) A completely new and redesigned login window to go with the new onboarding module

2) Enhanced the installer to automatically launch the login window after installation

3) Fixed a minor UI issue with the zoom operation

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