Desktop Client

  1. Fixed the issue where on clicking F12 key from the keyboard, a protected Word (O365) document was displaying an error instead of getting saved.
    1. For a Seclore-protected document, users with Edit permissions on Word documents can save it after editing by using the shortcut F12 key from the keyboard. 
    2. Before the fix: When a user, with Edit permission, tried to save a protected Word document using the F12 shortcut key, an error was displayed. 
    3.  The error prompted the user to use File >> Save As to save the document instead.
    4. After the fix: A protected Word document can now be saved as a new file using the F12 shortcut key.
  2. Fixed the rare issue where Microsoft Outlook stopped functioning when an email containing Microsoft AIP protected attachments and inline attachments was selected in the inbox. 
    1. Before the fix: When a user selected an email containing Microsoft AIP protected documents and inline attachments, Outlook stopped functioning. 
    2. This also occurred when Outlook is started and there are emails of the above-mentioned nature in the inbox.
    3. After the fix: When such emails are selected, Outlook will work as expected.
    4. Users can view emails containing Microsoft AIP protected attachments in Outlook.
  3. Fixed the issue where the Learn More URL for Universal Protection in the Seclore Email Protector in Outlook redirected the user to a blank page in the Seclore Online help.
  4. Fixed the issue where a newly added signature was not saved in a protected PDF file. 
    1. Before the fix: When a user opened a protected PDF file and added a signature (Fill and Sign option), the signature did not appear on saving the PDF file.
    2. The signature did not appear even on Save As or closing and opening the PDF file after adding the signature.
    3. After the fix: A newly added signature in a protected PDF file gets added and saved successfully on saving the PDF file.
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