Policy Server

1. Introducing integration with Azure AD for end-to-end identity federation from the Microsoft Cloud.   

a. Enterprises can now use Azure AD for both authentication and authorization services in Seclore.  

b. Seclore Policy Server directly connects to the Microsoft Azure cloud service, and no longer needs to connect to the on-premise AD.  

c. All Seclore features like user provisioning, assigning user permissions, assigning user licenses, etc. are now available directly from Azure AD.   

d. This feature is available for internal enterprise users of the organization.   


2. Enhanced authentication with Microsoft Azure AD for external users. 

a. Earlier, only internal users in the organization’s Azure AD could authenticate in Seclore using the ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ option  

b. Now, all external users can authenticate with their personal, work, or school account.    


3. Fixed the issue where HTML-wrapped files did not open using Seclore Online in certain rare scenarios.  

a. Before the fix:  HTML-wrapped files would not open in Seclore Online due to certain policy server configuration in the System Admin portal. 

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.   


4. Seclore Azure tool to be no longer available in the Policy Server package

a. Before the fix:  The Seclore Azure tool would display an error when opened. 

b. After the fix: The tool is deprecated, and manual steps will be provided to register the Seclore Azure application.   

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