Policy Server

1. Added support for Files, Activities, and Policies tabs for the Global Security Administrator (GSA) role. 

a. GSAs (Security Administrators with access to all repositories) can now manage files, activities, and policies for the entire enterprise.

b. The Files tab allows GSA to search for protected files, view permissions, monitor authorized/unauthorized activities, transfer ownership of files, revoke access, and replicate or replace users on a file.

c. The Activities tab allows GSAs to search for all activities on protected files.

d. The Policies tab allows GSAs to manage and create policies for end users.

e. Furthermore, we’ve enhanced the UI for GSAs.

    i. The ‘Files’, ‘Activities’, and ‘Policies’ tabs will be available on the home page.

    ii. The ‘App Integration’ and ‘Hot Folder Cabinets’ tabs will be available under the ‘Configurations’ tab.

    iii. The ‘Audit Log’ and ‘Licenses’ tabs will be available under the newly added ‘More’ tab.

    iv With these enhancements, the UI for GSAs now looks similar to the UI for Security Administrators.

2. Updated the System Administrator and Security Administrator homepage and Audit Logs page with the latest product functionalities. 

3. Added support for OpenDJ 4.4.7 for Policy Server on Windows. 

4. Updated System Administrator configurations to support the default Receiver-only mode. 

5. Enhanced the user search functionality. 

a. Now, users can be searched by entering their complete first name and the first letter of their middle name or last name.

b. The search would also work with the first three letters of the first name followed by the first three letter of the middle name or last name.

6. Removed logo from online help manuals (help center for administrators).

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