Seclore for Mac

1. Made changes to the buffer file for desktop applications. 

a. In some cases, users see the Seclore’s buffer file when they open a protected file on their desktop. The buffer file contains the enterprise’s logo and a customized URL of a webpage that helps users with ways to open the protected file.

b. To enable faster deployment of the Policy Server for new Seclore customers, we’ve removed the enterprise logo from the buffer file and added a generic URL of a file opening app that will help users open the protected file.

c. Buffer files for existing Seclore customers will remain unaffected.

2. Fixed the issue where Seclore-protected files wouldn’t open on Mac devices with M1 processors. 

a. Before the fix: Seclore-protected files wouldn’t open on Mac devices with M1 processors.

b. After the fix:

i. We’ve introduced the Seclore Document Viewer that lets you open Seclore files in read-only mode, print, and search for content in such files.

ii. You can double-click on an html-wrapped protected file to open it in the Document Viewer. You can also select ‘Seclore Lite’ in the ‘right-click’ > ‘Open with’ menu to open the file in the Document Viewer.

iii. To open a protected file that isn’t html-wrapped, use the ‘right-click’ > ‘Open with’ menu and select ‘Seclore Document Viewer’.

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