Seclore for Windows

1. Added support for opening universal file formats (mp4, mp3, wma, dwg, etc.) in desktop applications from Microsoft Teams. 

a. Expected behavior: Some applications like Adobe Photoshop, Notepad, etc. don’t lock files when in use. Changes made to such files after four minutes of inactivity won’t be synced back to Teams. A local desktop copy would get created instead.

b. Additionally, users would see a notification, ‘Hang on... opening file on desktop’, when they try to open a protected file from Teams in a desktop application.

c. Expected behavior: It would appear as a slide-in notification at the bottom-right of the desktop. It won’t appear in the notifications pane.

2. Fixed the issue where timestamps wouldn’t appear correctly for protected files in a certain scenario.

a. Before the fix: Files protected and HTML-wrapped manually with the Right-click > Seclore It option would show incorrect ‘Created’ and ‘Modified’ date and time.

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.

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