Seclore Licensing Portal

1. Updated the list of License Components as per the latest Seclore pricing sheet. 

2. Added validations for all input fields to show an error when invalid input is entered, or any field is left empty. 

3. Fixed an issue to allow submission of only unique Application Name which is used to create Policy Server URL. 

a. Before this fix: There was no validation for an already used Application Name submitted which resulted in issues while deploying the Policy Server in the final stages.

b. After this fix: Application name submitted will be validated with existing application names to show an error when a match is found.

4. Fixed an issue where any special characters were allowed in the ‘Email Domain’ field. 

a. Before this fix: Any special character was allowed to be configured in the email domain field which resulted in issues in the final stages of deployment.

b. After this fix: Only specific special characters like ‘@’, ‘.’ and ‘,’ are allowed in the Email Domain field.

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