Policy Server

1. Made changes to the Policy Server UI to support the newly introduced Seclore Email Protector for M365. 

a. Seclore Email Protector for M365 is now available as an enterprise application in the ‘Select b. Enterprise Application Type’ grid in the App integration section of the Policy Server portal.  

We’ve also made minor changes to a few labels in the Feature Configuration section.  

2. Sharing protected files by approving the ‘Access Request’ notification will now be logged as an Activity in the Policy Server portal. 

a. When the owner and users with Share permission approve an ‘Access Request’ notification for a file, an activity with ‘Shared using RAR’ label will be logged for the shared file. 

b. If the approval is undone within 30 seconds, a ‘RAR approval undone’ activity will be logged for the file. 

3. Language packs for Spanish, French, and Russian added for the authentication, server configuration, and Outlook on the Web UIs. 


4. OpenJDK 11.0.1 upgraded to AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.11. 

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