Seclore Email Protector for M365

1. Introducing Seclore Email Protector for M365. 

a. Seclore Email Protector for M365 is built using the Outlook Modern Add-in Framework and uses the new age UI. It works on Outlook on the web and Outlook for Mac (new and classic UI). Here are some features to look out for: 

  • Better user experience: Attach files to the compose area of an email and automatically protect it with the Seclore add-in. 

  • Enabling body protection: Protect the email message along with the attachments.  

  • Granular permissions: Set granular permissions like read, edit, print, share, and full control, set an expiry date, and a classification label to your emails and attachments.      

  • Smart share: If already protected files are attached to the emails by users with the 'share' permissions, the smart-share feature ensures that the recipients get access to the attachments. This works for files whose permissions come from the Seclore policy server as well as those that come from policy federation from third party apps. 

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