Seclore for O365

1. Seclore for Microsoft Teams is now available for private channels as well. 

a. Users can now enable Seclore IRM in private channels in Microsoft Teams. Users need to switch on the Seclore It toggle in the Document Library for the SharePoint site created by the private channel.  

2. Users can now open Seclore-protected files directly in native desktop applications from SharePoint Online and OneDrive portal.

a. Seclore for M365 connector now supports opening of Seclore-protected files directly in the desktop application.  

b. This is supported for clicking on file name in SharePoint Online and OneDrive as well as clicking on shared links. 

c. This feature works with Seclore for Windows. 

d. Users can continue to open Seclore-protected files in Seclore Online using the S button in the Open with Seclore column.  


3. From now on, only Site Owners can enable/disable Seclore IRM on a Document Library through the SharePoint Online UI. 

a. Earlier, the option to enable or disable Seclore IRM in a Document Library was available to members of all groups with edit permissions.  

b. As an enhanced security measure, the Seclore It button will now be visible only to the Site Owners of the Document Library. 


4. Apache Tomcat upgraded to 9.0.48. 

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