Policy Server

1. Users would now see an option print protected emails (.smail.html attachments) when they open such emails in the Secure Email Viewer . (#11206) 

a. Fixed the issue where files wouldn’t get protected via the AppConnect Server after some time of inactivity. (#11861) 

b. Before the fix: Files uploaded to folders connected to the AppConnect Server after 20 to 30 minutes of inactivity wouldn’t get protected. Users would need to restart the AppConnect Server to fix the issue.  

After the fix: This issue is now resolved. Users wouldn’t need to restart the AppConnect Server to keep protecting files. 


2. Fixed the issue where a Global Security Administrator (GSA) would become the protector of certain files incorrectly. (#11683) 

a. Before the fix: When files are protected from an enterprise application (EA), their protector and owner are assigned according to the settings of the EA. However, in this issue, the GSA who created the EA would become the owner of the files protected through it.  

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.  


3. Language packs for Spanish, French, and Russian added for the HTML buffer page. (#11850) 


4. Apache Tomcat upgraded to 9.0.53. (#11763) 

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