Seclore for Windows

1. Users can now enable offline access for a protected file using the right-click menu. 

a. Earlier, users had to open a protected file at least once while they’re connected to the internet, to be able to open it offline later.  

b. Now, authenticated users with ‘Offline’ permission can simply right-click on a file, multiple files, or folder and click Advanced > Enable Offline Access to open the file(s) later when they’re not connected to the internet. 

c. An activity named ‘Enabled offline access’ will be logged for the file and the user when this action is performed.  

d. This feature works with Policy Server and Seclore for Windows and above.  


2. The Smart Share feature in Seclore’s Outlook plugin is now extended to files protected from cloud applications such as SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

a. Users with share permission on a file protected from cloud applications can use the Smart Share feature in Outlook to share their permissions on the file with recipients of the email.  


3. The ‘About’ dialog box will now show the Seclore for Windows version you’re currently on, along with a link to the Release Notes webpage. To see the ‘About’ dialog box, right-click on the Seclore icon in your system tray and click ‘About’.  


4. Fixed the issue where protected PowerPoint and Excel files would become unreadable in a certain rare scenario.  

a. Before the fix: A protected PowerPoint or Excel file would become unreadable when opened parallelly with another protected PowerPoint or Excel file with Macro and Macro permission in it.  

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.  


5. Fixed the issue where users would see errors while saving protected Word files that are created using Word templates.   

a. Before the fix: Edits made to protected Word files that are created using Word templates would get saved after showing several errors. This issue was observed in the presence of Microsoft Sensitivity Labels with watermark configured. 

b. After the fix: Such files get saved without any errors.  


6. Fixed the issue where Seclore’s single sign-on (SSO) capability wouldn’t work in Google Chrome intermittently.  


7. Fixed the issue where the file name would appear differently in the Activity tab in the Policy Server portal for ‘Unprotect’ activity on html-wrapped files. 


8. Fixed the issue where Outlook would shut down unexpectedly in a certain scenario. 

a. When users try to forward a protected email with inline images in the signature, Outlook would shut down unexpectedly or show an error. This issue was observed only in systems with the Boldon James Email Classifier enabled.  


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