Seclore for Windows

1.The In-app protection butter bar and notification is now removed from protected Office files. 

a. Earlier, when users opened a protected Office file, the In-app protection butter bar used to appear in it.  

b. Further, the In-app notification (used to assign and change permissions) used to appear after closing a protected file. 

c. The butter bar and notification won’t be visible now for protected Office files. 


2. Added support for Brazilian Portuguese. 


3. HTML-wrapped protected Word and Excel files can now be opened from Cloud locations in read-only mode from the backstage view.


4. Fixed the issue where your enterprise’s logo won’t appear in the progress spinner that appears when a certain activity (opening files, enabling offline access) is taking more time than expected.

a. Before the fix: The Seclore logo appeared in the progress spinner. 

b. After the fix: Your enterprise’s logo appears in the progress spinner. 


5. Fixed the issue where Outlook would shut down or stop responding in certain rare scenarios.

a. Before the fix:  

    i. Outlook would shut down while opening or forwarding unprotected emails with ATT attachments.  

    ii. Outlook would stop responding while opening, forwarding, or sending unprotected emails with large Excel files and inline images. 

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved. 

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