Seclore for Windows

  1. Introducing Automatic Protection for Office files.  
    • When unprotected Office files are opened, edited, and closed, the file would be protected automatically if Automatic Protection is enabled in the Policy Server.  
    • Once the user closes the file and the file gets protected, the user is prompted to change the file permissions and add recipients. 
    • File permissions can also be added to the protected file using Smart Sharing while sending an email. 
  2. The file size limit for protecting and unprotecting files is now removed. 
  3. Fixed the issue where image files would get printed without the watermark even though a watermark is visible when the file is opened in Photo Viewer.

  4. Fixed the issue where protected Excel files would shut down unexpectedly in a certain scenario. 

    • Before the fix: Protected Excel files would shut down when user tries to reference data from another protected sheet with lower permissions.  
    • After the fix: The file remains open in read-only mode; however, data doesn’t get referenced from another protected sheet. 
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