Seclore for Windows

1. Added support for semi-transparent watermark for printed protected documents.  


2. Fixed the issue where unprotected Office files would shut down unexpectedly in the presence of Symantec DLP15.8MP2. 


3. Fixed the issue where the ‘DefaultPlugin’ element would shut down unexpectedly while opening unprotected PDF files. 


4. Fixed the issue where users were not able to open unprotected files embedded in OneNote. 


5. Fixed the issue where password-protected Excel files wouldn’t get edited and saved in a certain scenario.  

a. Before the fix: Users would see an error while editing and saving xlsm, xlsx, xlsb files that are open password protected.  

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.  

c. Note that this issue persists for such files in network folders. We are working on fixing it soon.  

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