Seclore for Windows

1. Fixed the issue where all PDFs would open in separate instances. 

a. Now, only protected PDFs and any PDF opened thereafter will open in separate instances.  


2. Fixed the issue where a component of the Seclore agent (FSDC.exe) would stop responding when files are opened from WinSCP. 

3. Updated the instructions in the buffer file for opening protected emails from the new version of the Outlook mobile app for Android. 

a. In the new version of the Outlook mobile app, users need to click the ellipsis, click ‘Open with’, and select Seclore to open protected emails. 


4. Fixed the issue where Office files opened from OneDrive would stop responding in certain rare scenarios. 


5. Fixed the issue where, in certain instances, the ‘No access’ prompt wouldn’t appear properly after trying to open a universal format file without permission. 


6. Fixed the issue where users were not able to edit/save protected Excel files that are open/open-modify password-protected and more than 500 KB in size. 


7. Fixed the issue where the Outlook desktop app would stop responding when users try to open an attachment with a path that exceeds 255 characters. 


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