Seclore for Windows

  1. Introducing Seclore Digital Asset Classification (Seclore DAC). 

    1. Seclore DAC helps users classify digital assets efficiently and ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.  

    2. It helps users identify and classify sensitive data, allowing them to apply appropriate security controls and prevent unauthorized access.  

    3. Users can select classification labels assigned to them by the organization to classify Office files, other standard file formats, and emails in Outlook Desktop App in Windows. 

    4. Seclore DAC works with Policy Server and above.  

    5. To learn how to use Seclore DAC see our Adoption Portal

  2. Fixed the issue where files with names longer than 128 characters wouldn’t get protected. 

  3. Fixed the issue where Outlook would stop responding in a certain scenario. 

    1. Outlook would stop responding when user clicked ‘View more in browser’ while tracking activities of a protected email in Outlook. 

    2. Further, two tabs of the Policy Server portal would open showing the activities done on the email. 

    3. This issue was observed in Windows 11. 

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