Seclore O365 Service - 3.2.1

  1. Incorporated the new HTML buffer file, that displays user instructions for file open in the Raw HTML content. This is useful in scenarios where the Seclore Protected file is opened in a 3rd party viewer that cannot render HTML content. 
  2. Fixed an intermittent issue where changes made to large protected files (>8-9 MB), in Seclore Online were not saved back to SharePoint Online through the Save Back Flow
    1. Before the fix: In some cases, when a protected file (> 8 MB) was edited on SharePoint and saved back, the changes were not updated in the file. 
    2. After the fix: The changes will be saved back on SharePoint even for files with sizes 8 MB or above. 
  3. Introduced multithreading in file protection flow. With this, multiple files will be processed together for protection resulting in improved multi-file protection time
  4. Updated the connector to use a different API to determine if the SharePoint File is locked for editing. The new API provides more accurate results and helps Seclore connector to get hold of the file earlier to protect it after upload. 
  5. Changes to support multitenancy of Seclore online. 
    1. Currently, there is one to one mapping between policy server and Seclore online component.  
    2. With introduction of multitenancy in Seclore online (part of roadmap), single Seclore online would be able to support multiple policy servers.   
  6. Fixed the issue where, in some cases, the first file uploaded after the Document Library was Seclore IRM enabled,  was not getting protected. 
    1. Before the fix: In some instances, the first file upload after IRM enabling the document library was not getting protected.  
    2. After the fix: The first file that is uploaded will now be protected in all the cases.  
  7. Updated support for Database to be in sync with other components. 
    1. Added support for Oracle 18c, Oracle 19c and SQL 2017 
    2. Deprecated support for Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g.
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