Policy Server

  1. Introducing Security Admin role in Policy Server. (#9145) 
    1. This new role allows administrators to manage key security features like Enterprise Application integrations, Hot Folder Cabinets, Classification labels, rules in Email Auto-Protector etc. 
    2. Admins configured to manage all enterprise user repositories would be able to manage these key security features 
    3. All other admins managing a specific organizational unit will continue security policies for thier assigned OU 
  2. Incorporated the new HTML buffer file, that displays user instructions for file open in the raw HTML content. This is useful in scenarios where the Seclore Protected file is opened in a 3rd party viewer that cannot render HTML content. (#9551) 
  3. Fixed the issue where a protected file opened even after the user logged out of the client instead of prompting the user to log in. (#9438) 
  4. Enhanced the speed of opening and protected files. (#9376)
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