Seclore for Windows

1. Enhanced the user experience of the error/success message screens for desktop protection. 

a. Completely re-designed the error/success message screens that are displayed when the user invokes Right-click > Seclore It for protecting files. 

b. Messages are now wrapped with a more intuitive layout to enhance usability.  


2. Added support to retain classification metadata information in Seclore-protected files when they are edited and saved using the Seclore agent


3. Fixed the issue where Outlook was shutting down unexpectedly in certain rare scenarios.  

a. Before the fix: Outlook would shut down randomly, when composing an email in RTF (Rich Text Format) format and attaching another Outlook email (or any Outlook item) as an attachment. 

b. After the fix: Protecting an email in RTF format with any Outlook item as an attachment, now works as expected. 


4. Fixed the issue where the Word app shuts down unexpectedly in certain rare scenarios. 

a. Before the fix:  Word would shut down unexpectedly when a user selects some text in a protected Word document and then clicks elsewhere while another unprotected document was open in the background. This issue occurs only in Office 365 version 2007 (Build 13029.20308) or later, i.e., August 2020 release. 

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.  


5. Fixed the issue which occurs in Seclore-protected Excel files in certain rare scenarios. 

a. Before the fix: When opening a Seclore-protected Excel file that has reference links to any other file, it works the first time, but doesn’t work on the 2nd attempt. This happens with standalone Office 2013 or 2019 versions only, but not with O365 versions. 

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved. 

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