Policy Server

1. Updated System Admin configuration validations on the System Admin homepage with the latest product functionalities.  

2. Fixed the issue of “Sign in with Microsoft” not working when proxy is enabled. 

a. Before the fix: An error page is displayed while signing in with Microsoft when proxy is enabled.  

b. After the fix: “Sign in with Microsoft” is successful, and the error is no longer displayed even when proxy is enabled.  

3. Fixed the issue of inconsistent signatures in email notifications. 

4. Fixed the error preventing users from opening protected files from SharePoint Server (On-Premise) using Seclore Online.  

a. Before the fix: Users were encountering an unexpected error while opening protected files from SharePoint Server using Seclore Online. 

b. After the fix: Users can now successfully open the document from SharePoint On-Premise using Seclore Online.   

5. Added support to retain classification metadata information in HTML buffer file when protected documents are edited and saved with Seclore Online.

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