Seclore for Windows

1. Introducing the new and improved Receiver-only mode for Seclore for Windows (adminless). 

a. Seclore now offers an adminless agent with the Receiver-only mode turned on by default.

b. The Receiver-only mode allows users to access Seclore-protected emails and attachments, share such emails and attachments with other users, and track and revoke access.

c. This mode also allows users to view the permissions widget while accessing Seclore-protected files in native applications.

d. It offers only recipient features and not protection features.

2. Fixed the issue where users were unable to send inline image attachments with Seclore-protected emails in certain rare scenarios. 

3. Fixed the issue where Outlook would shut down unexpectedly in certain rare scenarios. 

a. Before the fix: When composing an email in Outlook in RTF (without clicking on ‘Seclore It’) with an unwrapped protected attachment and an inline image attachment, Outlook would shut down unexpectedly or the email would get sent with an error in the header in some cases.

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.

4. Fixed the issue where the web single sign-on (Web SSO) feature wouldn’t work in certain scenarios.

a. Before the fix: While accessing the Policy Server URL after 15 minutes of inactivity (that is, no activity with protected files/emails), the Web SSO feature wouldn’t work and users would be asked to log in again.

b. After the fix: Web SSO would work even after 15 minutes of inactivity.

5. Fixed the issue where URLs wouldn’t open from a custom application (Spectrum) when Seclore for Windows is installed. 

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