Seclore for O365

1. Extending automatic protection in SharePoint Online to files already existing in the Document Library. 

2. Introducing support for opening Seclore-protected files from Microsoft Teams with the new Seclore tab. 

a. This feature is available in Microsoft Teams desktop app and Teams on the web.

b. Here’s what the new Seclore tab in a Microsoft Teams channel offers:

i. The ‘S’ button lets users open, edit, and save Seclore-protected files in the Seclore Online editor if they have the right permissions.

ii. Windows 10 users can click on the file name and open, edit, and save the file in the native application.

iii. Mac users and other Windows OS users can click on the file name and open, edit, and save the file in the Seclore Online editor.

3. Enhanced Seclore’s buffer page with guided instructions on ways to open Seclore-protected files from Microsoft Teams on Android devices. 

4. Fixed the issue where files wouldn’t get automatically protected in SharePoint Online in certain rare scenarios.

a. Before the fix:

i. When two unprotected files are uploaded to two Document Libraries (DLs) simultaneously, both files get protected as usual. However, when an unprotected file is uploaded to one of the DLs after the simultaneous upload, the file doesn’t get protected.

ii. After Seclore IRM is enabled in a Document Library, unprotected files uploaded to that library after several days of inactivity wouldn’t get protected.

b. After the fix: These issues are now resolved.

5. Apache Tomcat upgraded to 9.0.38. 

6. Added support for SQL Server 2019. 

7. Upgraded Microsoft Graph SDK to version 2.7.1. 

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