Seclore Online

1. Introducing Cloud File Access on Desktop. 

a. Added support in Seclore Online to open and edit Seclore-protected files in native applications through Seclore for Windows and Seclore for Mac apps.

b. Added support to save edited files back to the source.

2. Enhanced the error message displayed when users try to open an unprotected file using the ‘Open with Seclore’ option in SharePoint Online and OneDrive. The message now clearly conveys that unprotected files shouldn’t be opened using the aforementioned option. 

3. Users would now see Seclore’s buffer page while opening a Seclore-protected file from a Microsoft Teams channel on Android devices. The buffer page guides users on ways to open the files. 

4. Fixed the issue where protected files with .pptx extension wouldn’t open in a certain scenario. 

a. Before the fix: Protected files with .pptx extension wouldn’t open in the native application once the file is opened from Microsoft Teams in Seclore Online, and thereafter, edited, saved, and closed.

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.

5. Fixed the issue where the ‘Request Access’ feature wouldn’t work in a certain scenario.

a. Before the fix: An error would get displayed when a new user opened a Seclore-protected html-wrapped file.

b. After the fix: New users would see the option to request access from the owner after completing authentication.

6. Fixed the issue where Seclore-protected files wouldn’t open in Seclore Online if the file name contains curly brackets {}. 

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