Seclore Online

1. Made improvements to the popup message shown to users when they download a protected file after opening it in Seclore Online. 


2. Files of ods, odp, and odt formats will now open in edit mode instead of view-only mode in Seclore Online. 


3. Apache Tomcat upgraded to version 9.0.53. 

4. Apache Log4j upgraded to version 2.16. 

5. Bootstrap upgraded to version 5.1.3.


6. Added support for French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese. Further, we’ve upgraded language packs for Spanish, French, and Russian. 


7. Fixed the issue where passwords set for Open Office files wouldn’t work. 

a. Before the fix: Open Office files (ods, odp, odt) can be password-protected, edited, saved, and downloaded from the editor. When users try to open the downloaded file in the online editor, it would open without asking for the password.   

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved. Users would need to enter the password while opening the file.  


8. Fixed the issue where protected xlsx files would stop responding unexpectedly when opened in Seclore for Android and Seclore for iOS apps in a certain scenario.

a. Before the fix: Users would see an error while inserting formulae using the Function button in protected xlsx files opened in Android and iOS. The file would then stop responding.  

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.  

9.  Fixed the issue where inserting large images/objects in Open Office files and saving them may show an error intermittently.  


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