Policy Server

1. Introducing the ‘Component Configuration’ section. 

a. System Administrators and Global Security Administrators can now use the ‘Component Configuration’ section in the Policy Server portal to configure several components offered by Seclore. 

b. By configuring a component, you’ll be able to control how it is set up for end users. 

c. You can configure the following components using the ‘Component Configuration’ section.  

    i. Seclore for Windows 

    ii. Email Protector for Outlook on Windows 

    iii. Seclore for Mac 

    iv. Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels 

    v. Mandatory Email Protector 

d. You’ll see the ‘Component Configuration’ section under the ‘Configurations’ tab in the Policy Server portal.  


2. Users can now enable offline access for a protected file using the right-click menu. 

a. Earlier, users had to open a protected file at least once while they’re connected to the internet, to be able to open it offline later.  

b. Now, authenticated users with ‘Offline’ permission can simply right-click on a file, multiple files, or folder and click Advanced > Enable Offline Access to open the file(s) later when they’re not connected to the internet. 

c. An activity named ‘Enable offline access’ will be logged for the file and the user when this action is performed.  


3. Apache Log4j upgraded to version 2.16.0. 

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