Seclore for Mac

1. Introducing browser-based login for Seclore for Mac. 

a. Now, you can log in to the Seclore agent on Mac with your Safari browser. 

b. While logging in, you'll be directed to an authentication page on your browser. 

c. All other login features remain the same. 


2. You will now be able to edit and save protected .txt files and save protected Office files as PDF in Mac systems with M1 processors. 


3. Improvements made to the Seclore for Mac upgrade process to encourage users to keep the application updated at all times.  

a. Users can now manually check for updates by clicking on ‘Check for updates’ in the Seclore tray. 

b. Users will see an alert or banner prompting them to upgrade the Seclore application (if an upgrade is available) when they log out of their Mac and log in or when their Mac wakes up from sleep mode. 

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