Seclore for Mac

1. Fixed the issue where users were unable to open some file formats from Outlook and Safari in certain scenarios. 

a. Before the fix: Users were unable to open images, .pdf, and .txt attachments in protected emails from Outlook.  

i. Further, users were not able to open such files from Safari’s download tab when the files were downloaded from OneDrive.  

ii. This issue was observed in all versions of macOS Monterey.  

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved.  


2. Fixed the issue where users would see an error in the following scenarios: 

a. while printing unprotected Office files on Mac devices with M1 processors. 

b. while opening the Seclore Text Editor Help from the Help menu of protected .txt files. 

c. after saving a protected .txt file and then clicking ‘Save as’ or clicking ‘Save as’ twice. 


3. Fixed the issue where Seclore for Mac wouldn’t protect files with HTML V1 wrapping. 


4. Fixed the issue where right-click menu options like cut, copy, paste, etc. would get disabled in protected Excel files for users without Full Control permissions. 

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