Seclore for Windows

1. Fixed the issue where templates opened in unprotected Office files would get protected when another protected Office file is already open. 


2. Fixed the issue where Seclore’s red lock icon wouldn’t appear for some protected files in shared folders over a network. 


3. Fixed the issue where unprotected docx and xlsx files opened from OneDrive sync folders would shut down unexpectedly when a protected file of the same extension is already open. 


4. Fixed the issue where PowerPoint would shut down unexpectedly when an unprotected pptx file is opened using File > ‘Pinned’/’Shared with me’ from a protected pptx file.  


5. Fixed the issue where Office files would shut down unexpectedly when .nst files are added or renamed. 


6. Fixed the issue where editing and saving files with LibreOffice wouldn’t work. 

a. Before the fix: When users click on the File menu or try to edit and save a protected/unprotected Libre Office file (odt,ods,odp), they would see the Seclore buffer file. 

b. After the fix: The issue is now resolved.  

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