Email Auto Protector

1. Updated the instructions in the buffer file for opening protected emails from the new version of the Outlook mobile app for Android. 

a. In the new version of the Outlook mobile app, users need to click the ellipsis, click ‘Open with’, and select Seclore to open protected emails. 


2. AdoptOpenJDK upgraded to version 11.0.11+9 


3. Added instructions on how to open protected files in the HTML buffer content that appears as text in some viewers and editors that don’t render HTML content. 


4. Apache Tomcat upgraded to version 9.0.65.


5. Log4j upgraded to version 2.19.0


6. Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 8.6 and 8.4. 


7. Removed customization from native buffer files to enable faster deployment of Policy Server. 


8. Fixed the issue where inline attachments in emails protected via Email Auto Protector won’t appear properly when viewed by recipients in Outlook for Mac. 

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