Seclore for SharePoint Server

  1. Users can now open Seclore-protected files in their desktop apps directly from SharePoint On-premises.

    1. To open a Seclore-protected file in a desktop app, click the ‘Open with Seclore’ option. 

    2. Changes made to the file will be automatically synced to SharePoint On-premises. 

  2. Apache Tomcat upgraded to version 9.0.71. 

  3. Added support for Policy Federation from security groups. 

  4. Fixed the issue where the 'Seclore Online Access' option would appear in multiple columns within the 'All Pictures' view in the Picture library in a certain scenario. 

    1. This issue was observed in the existing ‘All Pictures' view in the Picture library after upgrading Seclore for SharePoint Server.  

  5. Fixed the issue where files with a name that’s more than 256 characters wouldn’t get protected in Seclore-enabled Document Libraries. 

    1. Further, users would see an error while downloading and opening such files.  

    2. This issue was observed in SharePoint On-premises 2016 and 2019. 

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