Policy Server

  1. Introducing Seclore Digital Asset Classification (Seclore DAC).

    1. Seclore DAC is designed to help users classify digital assets efficiently and ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.  

    2. It helps users identify and classify sensitive data, allowing them to apply appropriate security controls and prevent unauthorized access.  

    3. Global Security Admins (GSAs) can create and customize classification policies and rules to meet the organization’s specific needs. 

    4. GSAs can also use the new Risk and Analytics Dashboard to identify and mitigate risk. 

    5. To learn how to use this feature see our Adoption Portal

  2. Improved the message in the ‘No access’ screen with more clarity on why some users may not be able to access files online or on remote machines.

  3. Apache Tomcat upgraded to version 9.0.71.

  4. Fixed the issue where users were not able to request access on files where Share permission was given to an organization unit as a group or ‘All users’ group. 

  5. Fixed the issue where Global Security Admins and Security Admins would either see an error or get redirected to another page when they log in after a session time out in the Policy Server portal. 

  6. Fixed the issue where Global Security Admins were not able to search for policies in the Policies tab using ‘Owner’ as a filter.

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