Applies to: Seclore Cloud VPN

Error: The VPN connection is working, but you still have trouble logging into Seclore Policy Server.


  • Check if your Domain Controller or Active Directory is online and working properly.

  • Make sure that the IP addresses for Active Directory (AD) match what you provided to the Seclore team.

  • Ensure that the IP addresses mentioned in the Seclore VPN configuration email have been allowed through the RouteTable, Firewall Rule, OS firewall rule, or any other necessary settings to connect to your AD machine.

  • Check if any recent changes have been made to how you access AD.

  • Make sure that the AD/LDAP port is whitelisted for the source (Seclore IPs). This port could be LDAP port 389, 636, 3268, or 3269, depending on your setup.

  • Double-check if the password for your AD user account has been recently changed. If it has, please share the new credentials with Seclore Support so they can configure them in the application.

  • To verify where the connection is breaking, you can use a traceroute to check the path to specific IPs provided below:

    For India region customers, please send ICMP packets to below IPs
    For US region customers, please send ICMP packets to below IPs


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