Seclore for O365

  1. Introducing Automated Protection and Policy Federation in Seclore for Microsoft 365.
    1. Now enable automated protection in your SharePoint Online Document Libraries with the click of a ‘Seclore It’ button. 
    2. Once a Document Library is enabled for Automatic protection, every document uploaded in, moved to or created within the Document Library will be automatically protected. 
    3. Policy Federation will ensure that permissions defined in SharePoint Online get automatically extended to the Seclore-Protected documents even after they are download and accessed or shared. 
      1. If user’s permissions are changed or revoked in SharePoint Online, the same would be reflected on the downloaded or synced copies of the document. 
      2. This ensures that there is a single source of truth for document security in SharePoint Online. 
    4. Users can securely share documents with internal and external users, through Automated protection and Policy Federation capabilities, without separately defining Security Policies in the Seclore Policy Server. 
    5. Requires Policy Server or higher and Seclore Online or higher.