Seclore Policy Server

  1.  Introducing a new Adminless agent for Windows. 
    1.  The user has an option to download and install either Admin or Adminless mode of the new agent.
    2.  Now there is no need for an IT admin to intervene while installing and operating the Adminless version for Desktop Client on Windows. 
    3.  This client will provide all the capabilities that are available for the agent in the Admin mode.        
    4.  Users can download both the versions of the Desktop Client from the Online Access tab of the Policy Server.
    5.  The option to download both the modes of Desktop Client will be available in the Policy Server version onwards.
    6.  Additionally, when you click the Download the Seclore app option in the buffer file for agentless access, you will be prompted to download the Adminless Desktop Client instead of Seclore Lite for Windows. 
    7.  On updating Seclore Lite for Windows version, the Desktop Client in the Adminless mode will be installed in the system.
  2. Introducing changes in the Policy Server UI.
    1.  You can now open HTML wrapped files in Seclore Online from the Online Access tab.
    2.  On the Online Access tab:
      1.  Download Seclore for Windows (Adminless mode) by clicking on the Seclore for Windows or Install Desktop App link. 
      2.  Download the Seclore for Windows (Admin mode) by clicking the Admin Version link.
      3.  Download Seclore for Mac by clicking on the Seclore for Mac link (when accessed from macOS).
    3.  In the Installer and Patch Management page, the tabs will now be Windows (Admin), Windows and Mac.
    4.  UI improvements in Enterprise Application Section:
      1.  Introduced a new Branded Enterprise Application option for ‘Seclore for Microsoft 365’.
      2.  Updated the logos and subtitle text for the existing Branded Enterprise Application option. 
  3. Added ‘Convert to HTML format’ flag in the Hot Folder Cabinet UI in Policy Server. 
    1.  The Convert to HTML format flag is added in the HolFolder Cabinet page UI.
    2.  On the Policy Server UI, this flag displays if conversion to HTML wrapping for standard file formats is enabled or not in Hot Folder Enterprise Manager.
    3.  If this is enabled, all standard files will be HTML wrapped on protection on placing in Hot Folder of that particular Hot Folder Cabinet.
    4.  This flag can be only be updated from Hot Folder Server Enterprise Manager client. 
    5.  HTML wrapping needs to be mandatorily enabled in the Policy Server Configuration page for this feature to work.
  4.  Introducing changes in the User Sign Out flow in the Policy Server.
    1.  Before this change, a logged in user, on clicking sign out, was redirected to the Sign in page.
    2.  Now, a logged in user, on clicking Sign out, will be redirected to the newly introduced screen.
    3.  This screen will inform that the user has successfully signed out from the Seclore Policy Server.
    4.  It also displays a Sign in again button.
    5.  On clicking this, the user will be redirected to the Sign in screen where user can sign in again to the Policy Server.
    6.  The above-mentioned flow is applicable to System Admins as well.
    7.  In cases of SSO integration, clicking on Sign in again will redirected the user to the SSO solution which the user had used to login earlier.
    8.  If the user is already authenticated in the SSO system, the user will be logged in automatically on clicking on Sign in again.
  5.  Fixed the issue where a protected file did not open in the Online Editor if the configuration for Show Permission Badge is disabled in the Policy Server. 
  6.  Fixed the issue where in certain cases an error message was displayed when an HTML wrapped file was opened in a browser. 
    1.  Before the fix: When a HTML wrapped protected file was opened in a browser, an error message was displayed instead of the buffer file due to delay in response from the Policy Server.
    2.  After the fix: While opening a HTML wrapped protected file in the browser, the buffer file is successfully displayed without any error.
  7.  Removed Screen Capture option from the Select Activity Type filter from the Activities tab of Policy Server. 
  8.  Fixed the issue where the Seclore plugin had stopped working in Outlook Web App.
    1.  Before the fix: When a user clicked on the Seclore It! option while composing an email from the Outlook Web App, an error was displayed instead of the Seclore panel.
    2.  Due to this error, user was unable to drag and drop documents and protect them using Seclore on OWA.
    3.  After the fix: The panel opens as expected and users can successfully add and protected files before sending them using OWA. 
    4.  Fix is applicable to Cloud deployments of Outlook Web Access (OWA). 
  9.  Added the capability of automatically onboarding a new user in Seclore (SIM), at the time of file open through Seclore Online Integration, if the user has permissions on document through Policy Federation, but the user does not yet exist in Seclore (SIM).
  10.  Fixed the rare issue where the user was asked to login for every activity on the Policy Server if the user logged in using the Microsoft option from the Desktop Client. 
    1.  Before the fix: When a user logged in using the Microsoft option on Desktop Client,  and tried to perform different activities, the user was prompted to login before every activity.
    2.  This was observed in certain cases.
    3.  After the fix: User can now successfully login using the Microsoft option on the Desktop Client once and perform all the activities without being prompted to login repeatedly.
  11.  Updated language support for PS messages in Spanish, French and Russian. 
  12.  Updated the Policy Server Installation guide with the latest information. 
  13.  System upgrades.