Seclore for Mac

  1.  Introducing editing and saving of HTML wrapped Seclore-protected files.
    1. For files protected using Advanced Protection:
      1. Now, when you open an HTML wrapped protected file by double-clicking on it, it will open in the native application. 
      2. After editing in the native application if you click Save, the content is updated in the HTML wrapped file itself. 
      3. When you close the file, the HTML wrapping is preserved. 
      4. The closed HTML wrapped file will be the latest version.
      5. If you close an HTML wrapped protected file opened in the native application after editing, the Save dialog box prompts you to save the file before closing the application. 
      6. This works on all file formats except for Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, image and text file formats.
      7. For such formats, .html wrapped files will open in read-only mode.
      8. The user will be able to make changes to the file by saving it locally using "Save As".
    2. For files protected using Universal Protection:
      1. For files protected using Universal Protection, the HTML wrapped file will open in the native application as well. 
      2. However, on saving after changes, the Save As dialog box appears.
      3. On saving, an unprotected file is saved on your machine.
  2. Fixed the rare issue where in certain cases Microsoft Office applications stopped functioning on opening in the presence of Seclore for Mac.
    1. Before the fix: When a user opened any Microsoft Office application, it stopped functioning instead of opening successfully.
    2. This was observed in certain systems with macOS 10.14 (Mojave).
    3. After the fix: The Microsoft Office applications will now open as expected.