Seclore for Mac

  1. Incorporated the new HTML buffer file, that displays user instructions for file open in the Raw HTML content. This is useful in scenarios where the Seclore protected file is opened in a 3rd party viewer that cannot render HTML content. 
  2. Introducing editing and saving of HTML wrapped Seclore protected PowerPoint files. 
    1. Now, when you open an HTML wrapped protected PowerPoint file by double-clicking on it, it will open in the Microsoft PowerPoint.  
    2. After editing in Microsoft PowerPoint if you click Save, the content is updated in the HTML wrapped file itself.  
    3. When you close the file, the HTML wrapping is preserved.  
    4. The closed HTML wrapped file will be the latest version. 
    5. If you close an HTML wrapped protected file opened in Microsoft PowerPoint after editing, the Save dialog box prompts you to save the file before closing the application.  
  3. Fixed the issue where an error was displayed on saving unwrapped protected PowerPoint files after editing. 
  4. Fixed the issue where while opening protected word and excel files, an error was displayed if Seclore login took more than 20 to 30 seconds. 
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