Policy Server

1. More watermark features are now configurable from the Policy Server portal. 

a. System Admins can now configure the opacity and spacing of watermarks from the ‘Feature Configuration’ section of the Policy Server portal. 

b. Policy Server needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.  

c. The configured watermark will be seen on protected files when they’re viewed or printed.  


2. Accessing protected emails on mobile devices is now simpler. 

a. Users can now zoom in/out of inline images and tables in the email body by using pinch zoom on their device.  


3. Upgraded jQuery UI library to version 1.13.1. 


4. Custom Repository Adaptor support is now available in Policy Server docker. 


5. Fixed the issue where Seclore services would get temporarily interrupted due to large number of simultaneous connection requests from desktop clients in an organization.


6. Fixed some issues with the Policy Server portal for Global Security Admins (GSA). 

a. GSAs would see an error while creating policies when only external repositories are configured in the Policy Server.  

b. GSAs would see an error while checking the activity report of files, after searching for files protected with a particular policy from the Policies tab.  

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