Seclore for Windows

1. Added support for displaying watermark with opacity and line spacing configured in the Policy Server. 


2. Added support for TLS 1.3 in Windows 11. Added support for Microsoft Edge WebView2 as Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer. 

a. TLS 1.3 will be available in Windows 10 as soon as Microsoft enables support for it. 

b. For more information on the discontinuation of Internet Explorer by Microsoft, please refer to 


3. HTML-wrapping will now be retained on protected files when actions such as ‘Save As’, ‘Export’, etc., are performed on them


4. Fixed the issue where features configured in the Policy Server won’t be available when the user logs off from their desktop when Seclore is offline, and logs in again. 

a. After the fix: The features are now available even when the user logs in again to their desktop. 


5. Fixed the issue where protected HTML-wrapped .csv files would open in the background when opened from a local or network folder. 


6. Fixed the issue where the ‘Repair installation’ program would shut down unexpectedly if Seclore for Windows is installed without installing Microsoft Office applications. 


7. Fixed the issue where protected PDF files wouldn’t open properly in a certain scenario. 

a. Before the fix: Buffer file would be shown when a protected PDF file is opened on a freshly installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. 

b. After the fix: This issue is now resolved. 


8. Fixed the issue where users would see a pop-up showing an error about CookieManagerApp.exe in certain rare scenarios. 


9. Fixed the issue where users were unable to reply to or forward emails that were sent and protected via mobile devices using Email Auto Protector.

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