1. OPEN SSL should be installed/available on the machine where Apache Web server is installed and a private key needs to be generated.

2. OPEN SSL binaries can be downloaded from the following website if not already installed.

3. Private key is required for generating a CSR. Click here for steps to create a private key.

Steps to be followed to generate CSR for Apache webserver:

1. Enter the following command to generate a CSR (SHA256) from the private key.

openssl req -out -key -new -sha256

If you encounter the above error, add "-config" switch to the existing command and specify the openssl.cnf path. Move to step 2.

2. Generate CSR with -config switch.

openssl req -out -key -new -sha256 -config "C:\Apache24\conf\openssl.cnf"

3. Verify the CSR if it is generated correctly by using the following command.

openssl req -in -config "C:\Apache24\conf\openssl.cnf" -noout -text

Look for the following line in the command output "Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption" to verify if the CSR has the correct signature.

Or you can go to the following website and verify the CSR.

CSR file can be opened in a notepad.

4. Share the CSR with the SSL vendor to get the SSL certificate.

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