Applies to: Seclore Policy Server, Windows Docker.


  • Keep the certificates ready in .cert or .crt format
  • Need to have Domain certificate(Cert.crt), Root certificate(CACerts.crt) and Private key(Priv.key).

Replace Certificate for components installed in your enviornment.


Location: C:\Seclore\Apache\Apache\conf\sslcerts

Go to C:\Seclore\Apache\Scripts

Run the Restart-Apache-Service.cmd

2.Document Server

Location: C:\Seclore\DocumentServer\sslcerts

Go to C:\Seclore\DocumentServer\Scripts

Run the Restart-DS-Service.cmd

3.Lite Viewer

Location: C:\Seclore\LiteViewer\sslcerts

Go to C:\Seclore\LiteViewer\Scripts

Run the Restart-LV-Service.cmd

4.Policy Server

Location: C:\Seclore\PolicyServer\sslcerts

Go to C:\Seclore\PolicyServer\Scripts

Run the Restart-PS-Service.cmd

5.Seclore Online

Location: C:\Seclore\SecloreOnline\sslcerts

Go to C:\Seclore\SecloreOnline\Scripts

Run the Restart-SO-Service.cmd

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