Seclore Desktop Client

  1. Introducing a new Adminless agent for Windows.
    1. The user has an option to download and install either Admin or Adminless mode of the new agent.
    2. Now there is no need for an IT admin to intervene while installing and operating the Adminless version for Desktop Client on Windows. 
    3. This client will provide all the capabilities that are available for the agent in the Admin mode. 
    4. Users can download both the versions of the Desktop Client from the Online Access tab of the Policy Server.
    5. The option to download both the modes of Desktop Client will be available in the Policy Server version onwards.
    6. Additionally, when you click the Download the Seclore app option in the buffer file for agentless access, you will be prompted to download the Adminless Desktop Client instead of Seclore Lite for Windows. 
    7. On updating Seclore Lite for Windows version, the Desktop Client in the Adminless mode will be installed in the system.
  2. Introducing the capability of printing the watermark over large images in protected PDF files. 
    1. In case of protected PDF files containing large or scanned images, printing the files with the watermark behind the image makes the purpose of the watermark redundant.
    2. Seclore has enabled the capability of printing the watermark over the content and images of a protected PDF file, if the PDF file contains large images.
    3. This feature is enabled if the image covers more than 50% of the page. This percentage of page size is set by default.
    4. The percentage can also be configured as per requirement.
    5. If the protected PDF files do not contain large images, the watermark will appear behind the content and smaller images on printing.
    6. This feature will be disabled in the Desktop Client, by default.
  3. Fixed the issue where watermark was not displayed for decrypted in-line protected email body in Outlook. 
    1. Before the fix: If the user was logged in to the Desktop Client and had access to a protected email body, the email was displayed in-line in Outlook without the watermark.
    2. After the fix: The decrypted in-line email body with the watermark will now be displayed for protected emails.
  4. Fixed the issue where the buffer file was not properly displayed when an HTML-wrapped file was opened in the browser for the first time. 
    1. Before the fix: When an HTML-wrapped file was opened in a browser, the buffer file was not displayed properly.
    2. Instead an error message was displayed stating that the client was unable to connect to the Policy Server.
    3. After the fix: The buffer file will be displayed successfully.
  5. Fixed the issue where in certain cases Outlook stopped functioning when user forwarded or replied to unprotected emails containing inline attachments. 
    1. Before the fix: When a user opened an unprotected email with inline attachments on a new window (double-click or pop-out) in Outlook and clicked on either Reply/Forward, he was prompted to download the external content before sending.
    2. On clicking No, Outlook stopped functioning.
    3. This was observed when Desktop Client of version or above was installed in the system.
    4. This happens when inline attachments are not downloaded before Reply or Forward action.
    5. After the fix: Outlook will remain functional and the email will be forwarded, or the reply will be sent successfully.