1. OPEN SSL should be installed/available on the machine where Apache Web server is installed and a private key needs to be generated.

2. OPEN SSL binaries can be downloaded from the following website if not already installed.

Steps to be followed to generate a private key for Apache Web server:

1. Open a command prompt with Administrator privilege.

2. Set OPENSSL environment variable using the following command.

set OPENSSL_CONF="C:\Apache24\conf\openssl.cnf" (press enter).


The cursor should move to the next prompt if the command is successful.

3. Generate a private key:

First navigate to the directory where OpenSSL is installed and run the following command.

Note: The domain name will change as per customer requirement.

openssl genrsa -out 2048


A unique private key will be generated at the same location as noted above.

4.  Your private key is ready and now can be copied over to the Apache's conf/ssl directory.

In case of any issues, please contact Support.

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