Applies to: Seclore Hot folder

Prerequisites for HotFolder protection:


        1. Policy Server URL should be accessible from the machine where the Hot Folder is installed. 

To validate kindly check: 

  •  Open your Policy server URL from Internet Explorer. If not accessible, contact your internal IT team.
    - To check the Policy Server URL follow the below steps:
    >Open HotFolder Server Enterprise Manager >Click on Settings > Click on Configure Profile

        > Check the First URL under URL(s) Tab and click on Test connection. OR Copy the URL and try to access it in Internet Explorer.


        2. Hot folder service should be in running state.

To validate kindly check:

  • Open Services.msc and check if the Seclore Hot Folder service is running.

  • If it is in a stopped state, try starting the services.

        3. Mapped/Network Drive used in Hot folder configuration should be accessible from the Hot                 Folder server machine.

To validate kindly check:

  •  The folders (Mapped/Network Drive) that are configured in HotFolder for file protection, should be accessible from the HotFolder Server. 

        4. User ID configured for running the HF service should have appropriate NTFS permission                    (minimum read, write, modify) on a desired hot folder location and its sub directive.

To validate kindly check:

  • To check which user is configured to run the service,

       > Navigate to Services.msc > Find “Seclore HotFolder Server” service > Right-click on the                    service > Properties > Go to “Log on" tab

      >  How to check NTFS permission on the Mapped/Local/Network Drive

       HotFolder location >> Right-click on Folder >> Properties >> Security tab and verify the              rights for the user with which the HotFolder service is running.



Once all the pre-requisites are in place the file/s should get protected in configured HotFolder.


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