Applies to: Hot Folder

Pre-requisite: HotFolder Server Enterprise Manager installed

Symptoms & Error: 

Follow the solution if you see below error is displayed 


Solution 1:

  • HotFolder service is in 'stop' state. When service is being started, it would stop immediately without any crash record.
  • Check for HotFolder process named as HotFolderEM.exe, it would be in hung state.
  • Kill the process tree and try starting the HF service.
  • Post this test the HF by dropping a test file in HF for protection.

Solution 2:

  • Make sure you have logged in as an Admin to the Hotfolder Server.
  • Go to services.msc and check the logon account of Hotfolder Server
  • Go to "C\ProgramData\Seclore\FileSecure\HotfolderServer\Preferences" and check if fileserver.config is present and the logon account have necessary NTFS Permission on it.


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